Great review for Nic's Halloween treat!

NIC LAMONT’s new play ‘The Darklings’ premiered in October at the Old Red Lion Theatre as part of the London Horror Festival and garnered great reviews and audience feedback. So successful was the production that there are plans for it to be remounted on the 1st and 2nd February at The VAULT Festival. Check back for more info nearer the time.

****1/2 LONDON PUB THEATRE review - ‘a fearless, confrontational and darkly funny show’

Patsy offers advice to Mandy actors

Alpha’s PATSY PRINCE took part in the first Mandy Speed Mentoring Event this week. It proved a great success. Here is one of her soundbites: "If you really want to be a successful actor then apply yourself to that goal. Be determined, focused, professional, bold, assertive, network and no matter what anyone says, do it or die trying. If you don't feel like this you should probably do something else." 

Nic is going to the Dark Side this Halloween!

As part of the London Horror Festival Alpha’s NIC LAMONT will be starring in the self-penned ‘The Darklings’ this Friday 26th and Sunday 28th October at the Old Red Lion Theatre in North London. Described ‘as if The Pillowman and Pitchfork Disney had a baby… and that baby was really freaking evil’ the show promises loads of ghoulish treats this Halloween. Check out the link for ticket information…if you dare!

Adam's 'Spiral' gets nominated for film festival

Last year Alpha’s ADAM SEIGEL shot the experimental short film ‘Spiral’ for Nick Woolgar Films. It’s been taking the festival circuit by storm and has just been nominated for ‘Best East Anglian Film’ in the Norwich Film Festival. The film will compete with other nominees on the 18th November. Check out the teaser trailer.

David begins Merchant of Venice with Award-Winning Illyria

David Sayers stars as Shylock which in The Merchant of Venice which opens tonight at the Trebah Garden in Cornwall. 

In this classic Shakespearean comedy, the wealthy Antonio borrows money from Shylock, and both are so confident about his paying it back that they jokingly adopt a ridiculous agreement: that Antonio will give Shylock a pound of his flesh should he default. Then events conspire against him so that he cannot repay the loan. What transpires is a witty, romantic and thought-provoking tale. 

David is thrilled to return to outdoor theatre company Illyria who have won 4 international "Best Performance" awards and attracted numerous "5-star" and "Critics' Choice" reviews for their lively clarity of Shakespeare's plays.

Break a leg David! 

David Sayers 2.jpg.jpg

Angus shoots short film with Jane Asher!

Our Angus Kennedy was recently shooting a short film called One Track Mind with acclaimed director Kat Philipou Cutis.

The film is a three hander with Angus, Bill Fellows and Jane Asher at the helm. In it, two strangers meet on a train and launch into a flirtatious conversation about Sex, much to the embarrassment of those around them. But all is not what it seems!

Curtis's previous film Marriage has won 30 awards on the short film circuit, and we wish the team behind One Track Mind every success! 

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