Please feel free to call or email with any questions regarding Alpha’s clients or any aspect of Alpha Actors you have a query about.




Alpha is a small and selective co-operative agency. Please be aware that we do not take forward applicants that are too similar to our existing members. We will soon be closing our books, but are currently considering applications from:

  • BAME actors

  • European actors

  • Women with a 40's playing age

  • Leading men in their 40's

  • Plus size actors

All prospective members can apply in writing or email us with a photo and CV, and please remember to include a phone number we can contact you on. We read and consider every application we receive.  We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible to any queries.

On applying, it’s helpful for us if you are in a live production. Please give full details with as much warning as possible. We’re also happy to watch showreels.

All Alpha members are full Equity and Spotlight members.

Office hours: 10am – 6pm (Monday-Friday)

Tel: 020 7241 0077