Playing Age: 61-75

Height: 6'3"

Eyes: Blue

Special Skills: Audio-book narration (3 industry awards) & accents. 

Highlights: A varied career, Tim's early years saw him in provincial rep and tours, REGENT'S PARK OPEN AIR THEATRE, and the WEST END, including Fyedka in the original cast of 'Fiddler on the Roof'. On TV he has played leading roles in 'Crocodile', 'The Last of the 'Mohicans'  and 'Iron Horse' as well as guest roles in 'Dr. Who' and 'The Persuaders'.

Tim has spent 5 decades in the entertainment industry and feels that he has had two distinct careers, and is now enjoying an extended 'afterthought'! Tim was the Artistic Director of a well-known Academy for the Performing Arts for 25 years and since returning to acting in 2000 has played parts including Errol Flynn in 'A Mask for a Face' and appeared in ‘Fooling Hitler’ as Field Marshall Sir Allan Brooke, Ronald Reagan in 'Saving Reagan’, Sir George Lynn in 'Jane Eyre' (BBC TV) and Liberace in 'Autopsy' for Channel 4. A native Cornishman, he lives with his wife in a village in Northamptonshire, and spends much time with his family - children and grandchildren .