Peter will be kicking off VAULT Festival very soon with not 1, but 2 shows!

Revolution: This intense Game/Theatre experience is resident in the Vaults for the duration of the festival in a brand new VAULT venue. 

Revolution has engulfed London and a new order must be established. The course of change never did run smooth though. Three rival factions have risen from the ashes of old authority and each must champion their cause in this new dawning of our civilization.

This experience brings together gaming and interactive theatre, casting the audience as the protagonists of change in a city in turmoil. Join us underground to decide the fate of a Revolution. What needs to change? What would make our world better? What would you sacrifice in the name of your ideology?

24th Jan - 18th March


AI Love You: Peter joins co-star Eve Ponsonby in this challenging piece on moral and ethical decision making. Casting the audience as the ‘Creative Biolife Ethical Steering Committee’, you decide the fate of Adam and April through the power of your vote. In this “magnificent, complex” show (A Spy in the Stalls), who lives and who dies is in your hands. What's more, Peter and Eve will switch roles every night meaning the possible shows you might end up seeing are almost endless!

7th - 11th February


The Festival runs from mid January to mid March in the Vaults below Waterloo station.