David Sayers' production of 'This Story of Yours' finished at the White Bear Theatre on Saturday. Although a gritty, dark and difficult play the reviews were excellent for all the performances and David's direction. Here are a few:

The Stage‘Sayers’ concise direction maintains pace and tension and a faintly disturbing soundtrack of period pop fused with police radio broadcasts lends an eerie sense of foreboding to an already dark piece of theatre.’

Reviews Gate: ‘David Sayers, who also directs the production, is perhaps the most brilliant player of the night. In his fear and his psychological manipulation, he manages to be pitiable, fascinating, and somehow a contender in the long mind-game between him and Johnson despite his victimhood.’

London Theatre 1: ‘Overall, a very entertaining, if at times slightly overwhelming play that held me spellbound throughout.’

London Pub Theatres: 'David Sayers (also the director) skillfully played the unctuous Kenneth Baxter, moving quickly between panicky victim to psychological manipulator.'

Londonist: 'David Sayers (Kenneth Baxter) portrays submissiveness and assertiveness in equally convincing proportions.'