This year's Edinburgh festival has had a very healthy delegation from Alpha Actors. Lizzie, David, Abi and Nic proudly carried the Alpha flag up to Auld Reekie and have all safely returned.

Here's a quick roundup of the month's successes:

Lizzie has continued the success of Patch of Blue's 'We Live by the Sea' from 2016 with new work 'When we Ran'. Described as "a big story, with big themes", the show explores the weird world of secluded commune life with the help of "beautifully crafted" music. 'We Live by the Sea' continues its globetrotting run this month; the company are jetting off to China for two weeks in Beijing!

She also managed a whole other show (almost) entirely on her own! 'Carried Away' was performed on alternate nights by Lizzie and her co-writer Alexandra Simonet.

"Heartfelt, well-written and well-performed monologue"

David remounted the physical theatre piece 'My Mind is Free'. The show powerfully addresses the realities of human trafficking that still takes place all over the world, and at a rate of 125 victims per hour.

Already having recieved plaudits since it's conception in 2015 (Female Arts, East London Lines, WowKent) we can only speculate where this hard hitting piece of theatre will pop up next.

"Physical theatre and actors playing multiple roles at its finest"

Abi ventured forth with her solo-show 'The Principle of Uncertainty', carrying science and heartbreak in equal measure to the masses. She recieved critical acclaim and has also secured upcoming tour dates for the show!

"a real, genuine, hidden gem."

Nic shocked and amused with dark comedy, cabaret double-act 'The Twins Macabre: Playtime'. Several installments in, this creepy combination of song, dance and sketch is going from strength to strength and we can't wait for the next episode!

"an awful lot of fun, or a lot of awful fun