Patsy Blower begins rehearsals for The Catastrophists which runs at the White Bear Theatre which runs from Tuesday 8th - Saturday 26th August.

The Castastrophists is a darkly comic play by Jack Stanley about Raf and Harry, a couple who arrive at their holiday home in the Cotswolds to be greeted by some very odd neighbours... an apocalyptic survivalist cult operating out of a field. Keen to make amends, Raf and Harry invite a couple from the cult over for the only friendly, middle class gesture they can think of - a dinner party.

As the evening progresses, however, they soon find themselves locked into a battle of ideas and principles that leaves them all questioning everything they stand for.

In an uncertain age where the threat of global disaster continues to linger, 'Castastrophists' is a play all about class, cooking and communes - and whether any of us are quite as civilised as we like to think we are. 

All the best to Patsy - we can't wait to see it!