Rah Rah Community Theatre Company has teamed up with The Salvation Army and anti-trafficking charity, Hope For Justice, to create its production of 'My Mind is Free' by Sam Hall.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime. The 2015 Global Slavery Index estimates that there are 35.8 million people enslaved in the world. There are 1.1 million new, trafficked victims a year, 3,000 new victims a day, or a shocking 125 people per hour forced into slavery. The Metropolitan Police estimate that in the UK alone over 20,000 people are trafficked every year.

'My Mind is Free' is a powerful interpretation of the degradations of human trafficking. It tells the interlinked stories of four people trafficked to and within the UK and their horrifying tales of abuse, exploitation and enslavement. The production uses a mixture of physical theatre and multi–role playing to portray the epic journey and terrible risks that desperate people will go to in the pursuit of what they believe to be a better life, only to find that they are then exploited, ending up in a far worse position than when they started. 

David will be taking the show to the Edinburgh festival from the 6th-18th August after a London preview on the 27th July at the Waterloo East Theatre.