Based on ‘true’ events that inspired the Frankenstein story Golden Age Theatre presented ‘The Resurrectionist’ at the Etcetera Theatre from the 27th September – 9th October with Peter Dewhurst shining as the misguided creator Victor Darvell. Check out some of the reviews below:

The Reviews Hub – ‘…in Peter Dewhurst’s standout performance, the audience understands the loneliness and deliberate isolation that leads him to dabble in necromancy, while Dewhurst emphasises the scientific passion and rigour that while emotionally cold, make him a compelling figure.’

Everything Theatre – ‘Peter Dewhurst’s depiction of Victor Darvell was brilliant’

West End Wilma – ‘Peter Dewhurst plays the misguided doctor Victor Darvell, in a strident, passionate fashion.’

London Theatre 1 – ‘Dewhurst gets the balance just right between scientist/philosopher/father and student… He drives the production forward’

Last Minute Theatre Tickets – ‘A stand-out performance from Peter Dewhurst’

What’s Hot London – ‘Peter Dewhurst captures [Darvell’s] pain, conflicts and career passion in one of the stand out performances.’