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Playing Age: 34-41

Height: 5'8"

Eyes: Blue

Special Skills: Presenter, Shakespeare teacher. 

Highlights: Our in-house comedian, Elliot, has performed in EDINBURGH's UNDERBELLY and taken the No.1 tour, 'Jane Eyre' around the UK.  Elliot shares his time between London and LA, and has been involved in numerous European tours, including QUORUM & BIG WHEEL THEATRE COMPANIES.

Numerous tours and productions have seen Elliot perform in many countries, including in his own show, 'Shakespeare Demystified', in Los Angeles. Recently, Elliot appeared at London's 'The Kings Head Theatre' in Macdeath and at Pentameters Theatre in 'Noël Coward's Still Life'.  Elliot previously toured with 'Meaning in the Mud', a Reflection on World War One, across Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. He has appeared in advertising campaigns for Italian Lotto, the Discovery Channel, Nanogen and Ford Mustang.