Julie is ruff and tough as Elizabeth I

Julie Neubert will be appearing as Elizabeth I in BBC 2 drama/documentary 'Elizabeth I's Secret Agents'. Episodes 1 & 2 will be broadcast at 9pm on Mondays 23rd and 30th October.

The new series documents how Elizabeth built and utilised a vast network of spies across Britain and Europe.

We very much look forward to seeing Julie appear as this formidable monarch!

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Adam's Windsor Fringe show wins Brannagh Award!

Premiering at the Windsor fringe, and starring our very own Adam Seigel as 'Hero', new play 'Fade Out' has been awarded the Kenneth Brannagh award for new writing.

Massive congratulations to the playwright, Lyndsey Honour, who bagged the award out of a final line up of three. Although the award is strictly judged on the quality of the writing we believe congratulations are also in order for the cast! The award provides an opportunity for new writers to have their work seen and the first play she has written, 'Fade Out' certainly seems to be a very promising start.

Lyndsey, Adam and the team

Lyndsey, Adam and the team

New Member!

A huge welcome to the newest edition to our team at Alpha Actors. Cameron Chalmers joins the agency fresh from his three year training course with Fourth Monkey.

Cameron's experience belies his fresh faced appearance as he comes to the professional acting world with over a decade’s experience in live performance and eight years training as an actor. During training his highlights included appearances in 'Titus Andronicus' at the Edinburgh and Camden fringes and an appearance in Ruckus, a co-production with Shunt Theatre.

Adam is to head for Windsor with 'Fade-Out'

Adam will be appearing in the premiere of 'Fade-Out' by Lyndsey Honour - one of only three winners of the Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing 2017. He plays 'Hero', the child of a retired pop-star who's mother is about to make a comeback world tour.

The play runs at the Windsor Fringe Festival on 5th, 6th & 7th October 2017. Tickets can be bought from the box office: 01753 743570 or online at www.windsorfringe.co.uk

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Edinburgh is done and all the actors are here!

This year's Edinburgh festival has had a very healthy delegation from Alpha Actors. Lizzie, David, Abi and Nic proudly carried the Alpha flag up to Auld Reekie and have all safely returned.

Here's a quick roundup of the month's successes:

Lizzie has continued the success of Patch of Blue's 'We Live by the Sea' from 2016 with new work 'When we Ran'. Described as "a big story, with big themes", the show explores the weird world of secluded commune life with the help of "beautifully crafted" music. 'We Live by the Sea' continues its globetrotting run this month; the company are jetting off to China for two weeks in Beijing!

She also managed a whole other show (almost) entirely on her own! 'Carried Away' was performed on alternate nights by Lizzie and her co-writer Alexandra Simonet.

"Heartfelt, well-written and well-performed monologue"

David remounted the physical theatre piece 'My Mind is Free'. The show powerfully addresses the realities of human trafficking that still takes place all over the world, and at a rate of 125 victims per hour.

Already having recieved plaudits since it's conception in 2015 (Female Arts, East London Lines, WowKent) we can only speculate where this hard hitting piece of theatre will pop up next.

"Physical theatre and actors playing multiple roles at its finest"

Abi ventured forth with her solo-show 'The Principle of Uncertainty', carrying science and heartbreak in equal measure to the masses. She recieved critical acclaim and has also secured upcoming tour dates for the show!

"a real, genuine, hidden gem."

Nic shocked and amused with dark comedy, cabaret double-act 'The Twins Macabre: Playtime'. Several installments in, this creepy combination of song, dance and sketch is going from strength to strength and we can't wait for the next episode!

"an awful lot of fun, or a lot of awful fun

Anah is DEAD brilliant

Without even being alive on stage, Anah has wowed critics in 'LOOT'. Dubbed "the admirably selfless Anah Ruddin", she lends the productyion "a necrophiliac zest".

The run continues at the Park until the 24th Spetember, after which it transfers to the Watermill Newbury 28th Sept-21st Oct. Grab tickets while you can!

Guardian: 5 Stars

Abi is back from Edinburgh and is already shooting for the BBC

Abi has returned from her knockout Edinburgh run of 'The Principle Uncertainty'. The show recieved critical aclaim and has secured ongoing tour dates. We'll chalk it up as a success!

Abi has gone straight on to filming a scene for a BBC drama which we are sadly sworn to silence on. We'll certainly let you know more when the official secrets act allows us to.

Peter returns from adventure on the moors

Peter has returned from a month away on Exmoor performing 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and 'Lorna Doone' at the stunning outdoor venue at The Valley of Rocks.

The productions were staged as part of an annual occupation of the site by Pleasure Dome Theatre and recieved incredible support from locals and tourists alike.