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Playing Age: 21-30

Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Blue-Green

Special Skills: Spanish, tap dancing & rowing.  

Highlights: Leading lady Kate, has completed her 2nd tour with YOUNG SHAKESPEARE COMPANY after a summer at the BARBICAN THEATRE, Plymouth in 'Romeo & Juliet'. Previous Shakespeare credits include 'Tamora' and 'Titania' at CAMBRIDGE SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL. 

Born and raised in Devon, Kate is a country girl through and through with a big heart and a fine eye for detail in language. Prior to training at East 15, she studied at Roehampton, London and Murcia, Spain and is bilingual. With a strong classical look, Kate has appeared as a handful of Shakespeare’s leading ladies; Viola, Tamora, Titania, Lady Macbeth, Juliet and Desdemona and has recently taken on her first directorial role of ‘Bienvenidos a Barcelona’.