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Playing Age: 16-30

Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Hazel

Special Skills: Horse rider, skier & swimmer. BASSC Rapier and Dagger. 3 years British military training.  

Highlights: Jessica produced & performed in a 5* critically acclaimed production of 'Hang' at EDINBURGH FESTIVAL, winning the Derek award for Best Drama. 2018 has been a busy year so far for Jess, having completed 4 short films, 4 plays and her first commercial (she's the Swiss IKEA girl).    

Jessica is a born and bred Londoner with family origins from the seaside - in Dover & Bognor Regis. Recent credits include a naturalistic new play about modern day relationships 'Momentary Insight' (Camden Fringe 2018), playing Cleopatra as 60s It Girl Christine Keeler in an adaptation of 'Antony & Cleopatra' (Rialto Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2018 & The Rose Theatre Studio - picked as International Youth Arts Festival's 'Best of Brighton Fringe'), a 3.5 hour new-writing tragedy with physical theatre elements 'Arnika' (Bridewell Theatre), and playing the leads in 3 short films: 'How It Is Now' (a drama), 'K and H' (a rom com), and 'House Call' (a comedy). At home in the great outdoors, Jessica loves to keep active and finds it hard to sit still. Whilst at University, she trained with the British Army's Officer Training Corps, she's been skiing since the age of 2, and as a strong swimmer, she is a born water baby. She has a dog, Patrick, a Vizsla X who loves to take her on long walks and runs, and is currently addicted to aerial classes and yoga.